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The Rite Stuff

The Rite Stuff由日本生產出最高標準的早期美國和復古服飾。 這是品牌對歷史、懷舊、工人最崇高的敬意。

與John Lofgren和他在日本的優秀員工合作,每件衣服都是由合乎道德的工資方式製作。 你從Rite Stuff得到的每件作品都會為這些技藝精湛的手工藝者及其家人提供支持。


我們希望你像Bryan Shettig一樣享受這次旅程!

The Rite Stuff is American early- and mid-century clothing reproductions made to the highest standards in Japan by skilled workers. It's a tribute to the hard workers who came before us, built our countries, and on whose shoulders we now stand.

Working with John Lofgren and his wonderful staff in Japan, every garment is made ethically, by people who are paid a living wage. Every piece you get from The Rite Stuff goes to support these skilled craftspeople and their families.

Each step in this journey is one that sustains the most skilled laborers in the field, and provides you with the best quality garments being made anywhere in the world.

I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do!

-Bryan Shettig

Owner, The Rite Stuff