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Since 1983, Goodwear has produced top-quality Made In USA T-shirts and sweatshirts. Our products are American made at every step along our supply chain, from US-grown cotton to domestic ginning and spinning, to assembly with American truckers transporting our raw materials and finished products.

Goodwear is a Cotton USA licensee, which means that each year an independent third party audits the records of Goodwear to confirm that our supply chain from the cotton field to the ginner, yarn spinner, knitter and cut and sew utilizes 100% American grown cotton.

The Goodwear Corporation is a member of the Fair Labor Association. When you buy from Goodwear, you show your support for fair labor practices both here and abroad.



擁有COTTON USA™美國棉商標標誌,代表每件產品的整個生產均使用100%美國棉原料,是韌性最強、品質最穩定的保證。